SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Isle of Man Ltd (SUEZ) Testimonial

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SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Isle of Man Ltd (SUEZ), who operate the Isle of Man’s Energy from Waste Plant, issued a tender for the transportation of the bottom ash created during the thermal energy recovery  process, which requires movement from the Energy from Waste facility to the Colas operated bottom ash storage site on the Island. The tender asked for rigid tippers as SUEZ did not believe it would be possible to access the ash loading hall on-site with an articulated tractor unit and trailer.

“I had recently visited Dennison’s Trailers in Naas, and met with George Dennison. George had shown me the sliding tipping trailer and discussed its improved manoeuvrability due to the trailers ability to shorten the chassis by a metre, which helped it access sites that traditional articulated trailers would not be able to. The fact that the trailer can be shortened on site makes access so much easier in confined spaces. The trailer is then extended to ensure it can carry a full payload of up to 28T and comply with the regulations around having 8 metres between the kingpin and the rear axle, which also allowed the axle weights running at 44 tonnes.

I approached SUEZ with my idea of using the Dennison sliding tipper, as I felt we would be able to access the facilities ash loading hall with this trailer. They agreed that we could do a trial run with one of their demonstration trailers. Scott at Crick Trailers was very helpful in arranging for their demonstration trailer to come over to the Isle of Man.

The trial was a success as we were able to access the ash loading hall with ease. SUEZ were also impressed with the increased payload that the trailer could carry over a rigid tipper.

This was another positive part of our successful tender, as we could put forward the green credentials of the trailer as it meant less vehicle movements and less road miles to move the daily requirement of 75 – 80 tonne.

Safety at the discharge site was also a major factor in winning the tender. The operator of the site was concerned that an articulated tipper would not meet its strict safety requirements. With the help of Crick Trailers, we were able to put forward all the safety information such as certification of a tilt bed test that the operator required to prove that the trailer was as safe as a rigid tipper. The ability to shorten the trailer before discharge also provides extra stability.”

Jon Garrad, Energy from Waste Plant Manager, SUEZ recycling and recovery IOM Ltd:

“Safety, efficiency and environmental impact all play an important part in our decision-making process when tendering for a supplier. We very much welcomed MIC’s approach in proposing the Dennison sliding tipper that delivered on all three aspects. At SUEZ we are always looking for ways to improve our services and minimise our impact on the environment and want to work with others who do likewise.” END

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