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First sliding-bogie tipping trailers for PJ Thory

We are delighted to announce that Earthworks and aggregates firm takes delivery of two new Dennison sliding-bogie tipping trailers from us here at Crick Trailer Sales

PJ Thory, who run a large fleet of 8×4 tippers and bulk walking-floor trailers, have recently taken delivery of their first two Dennison sliding-bogie tipping trailers.

Edward Thory took the step after seeing GRS working with the sliding bogie tipper on the A14 road project.

Mr Thory took advantage of Crick Trailers’ demonstrator sliding-bogie tipping trailer, which allowed him to evaluate the trailer’s capabilities and subsequently ordered his first two units.

Specifically designed to compete against 8×4 rigid tippers, the sliding-bogie trailer is said to offer a tighter turning circle and greater stability when tipping.

Moreover, the trailer can carry up to 50% greater load, thus reducing vehicle movements and improving and fuel costs for comparative loads.

Three good reasons why you should choose a sliding tipping trailer as your next new acquisition


First, and for most, is the safety aspects the trailer offers. In tests undertaken by IRTE for tipping stability, it remained planted on the ground at 8.5 degrees, exceeding the requirement set to obtain class A certification by 13%, its outstanding ability to remain upright on adverse ground conditions (making it the only trailers allowed on many sites). The trailers stability is due to the sliding bogies extra wide tipping hinge bar and shorter body length by over a metre which is 30% shorter than the average fixed artic tipper.

Also adding to the stability safety aspect, is the in cab operation, all tipping functions can be operated from the comfort and safety of the driver’s seat, extending and shortening of bogie, tipping,  rear door function, increasing the operator safety.


With the trailer in its running position, it meets all legal requirements, and in the shortened position it can out manoeuvre an 8×4 in tight spaces, with the trailer in the shortened position it give a reduced wheelbase to the kingpin of 6.99 metres, which is roughly the same as an 8×4 tipper.

Hugh Russell – Technical services supervisor, Wexford County Council

We had 10 depots around the county, some with very poor access. When I first saw the sliding tipper, I knew I had the answer. We bought 2 trailers and they are ideal for our work – They can go in and out of almost any site.


With the trailers low unladed weight, the payload is an impressive 29.5 tonne with a GVW of 44 tonnes (subject to the tractor unit ULW). Compared with a 19.7 tonne payload an 8 x 4 tipper, this offers you 9.8 tonne greater payload, which reduces miles on the road for the same product movement and ultimately income. On average for every 10 journeys made by an 8 x 4 you will only need to do 7 journeys with the sliding tipper.

With the tub liner installed, the Dennison sliding tipper is the ONLY tipper that can expels its entire load on just 2.5 rams extended and is 25 seconds quicker than the fixed tipper trailer.

The tractor unit can be utilised on multiple work environments, so if the construction industry drops off for the month you can put the tractor unit to work on general haulage, machinery movements for example.

With the insulated sliding tippers increased payload of up to 45% of that of an 8×4 rigid tipper, it offer the asphalt laying company longer laying runs, reduced number of joints and less change over downtime.